Sugar Dissolving System

Sugar is one of the main components of fruit juice beverage. The process of sugar cane dissolved in water is called sugar dissolving operation.

The syrup melting System generally contains sugar powder transportation, sugar powder dissolving, syrup sterilizing, syrup filtrating & cooling and syrup storage, etc.In some circumstances, it needs syrup desaeration.

The typical dissolving process is hot melting through 85℃ water, then to cool hot syrup step by step till the temp. below 40℃.


Sugar melting pot


This syrup melting pot is all made of SUS304 material, meet the standard of national ISO9000, suitable for food, beverage and medical industry. It will not rust or lichen. It is joint with 3 parts –topper, bottom and body by high frequency welding, smooth and nice on joint line. The tank plate is suitable to endure pressures. The stirring bar will be rotate with the motor driving. The liquid inside tank will be heated by electrical pipes. The heating can be switched on and off according to thermal meter indications. Lever gauge will show the lever correctly.

It is widely used in the carbonated beverage processing, the syrup needed to be heated and mixing with water before going to the beverage mixer. This mixing tank ensure the syrup and water mixing equally, then can make the taste to be good. It is the best choice for the carbonated beverage production plant.

Jacketed pot


Jacketedpot is applied to melt sugar, making preparation for further usage. It’s made of food grade stainlesssteel, high efficiency, and has two types to chose, electric and gas.

It is easy to operate and only need one person to turn the handle to pour out the syrup automatically, usually used in various production lines.          

Temperature of sugar syrup pot to be at least 80 .

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