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4 in 1 Bottled Juice Pulp Hot Filling Machine

The filling machine is suitable Juice drinking, Tea ,Energy Drink Liquid Beverage with pulp or fruit pieces, group, etc.

1.Automatic:Fully-Automatic Ultra-clean 4 in 1 Bottling Juice Pulp Hot Filling Machine


3.Certification:CE, ISO9001, SGS

4.Filling Type:Hot Filling

4 in 1 Juice Pulp Hot Filling Bottled Machine 

The most advanced technology from Japan and Germany is employed in the design. The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is used. The filling is fast, the amount of liquid is accurately controlled and the dropping and leakage are avoided.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC with touch-screen as the human-machine interface. The amount of the drinks in the storage tank can be controlled automatically. The filling and capping will be stopped automatically when there is no bottle. When bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not available, the machine can be stopped automatically.

The frequency changing technology is used to adjust the operation speed sleeplessly. The production capacity can be displayed digitally and can be adjusted conveniently.


We apply to automatic filling valve cleaning bottle and cleaning bottle ejection and return drive mechanism, CIP cleaning system is controlled by PLC.

Main Platform structure

We applied to stainless steel board Through hole tensile structure exclusively and equipped with O style sealing ring to make sure the possibility of filter reduce to zero with the bearing pedestal and Supporting shaft and other Easy infiltration area.


Our company create the flip type bottle clamp, the clamp stuck in the bottleneck to avoid the screw cap pollution from bottle rubber clamp. The bottle clamp is made of stainless steel, sanity and durable.


Labeling machine & Packing machine part

Labeling Machine

1. Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture, convenient to adjust;
2. The label roll frame of shrinkage film with adjustable device, convenient to adjust according to differ volume label 5~10paper tube.
3. Simply installation, then can convenient for square and round bottle.
4. No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to different bottle type.

Shrink wrapping system

1. Thermal shrink packaging machine is a new type of packaging machinery capable of high-efficiency and continuous operation and designed on the basis of thermal shrinkage property of packaging film.

2. It can automatic arrange, group, wrap with shrink film single PET beverage bottle or other similar substances, and turn into assembly package by heat shrinkage and cold setting. Products packaged in this way will be tied up firmly presenting orderly and good appearance, and will be easy to open.

Conveyor system part

Conveyor system is used to deliver products including bottles, boxes, bags etc. The conveyor system can be customize basing on different requirement.


Conveyor type:

- Linear conveyor

- Turn conveyor

- Climbing conveyor

- Multi-rows conveyor

- Accumulation conveyor

- Customize

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