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Automatic Plastic Round Bottle Unscrambler

The bottle unscrambler’s working principle is through centrifugal force and orientation drop device to arrange the empty PET bottles well and send them out. The bottle unscramble is connected with air conveyor system.

The bottle unscrambler is composed of round barrel, umbrella tower, drop device, drive system, and a matched elevator which is to send the empty PET bottles to the main machine. On the unscramble there is inspector which controls the storage quantity of the bottle in the main machine.

Technical features:

Main reducer is controlled by torque limiter, to avoid mechanical damage during malfunction.

It adopts thrice lifting bottle outlet device, then there will be three bottle outlet process on every working dock to rise the bottle outlet efficiency.  

It adopts bottle neck holding transferring air conveyor to avoid bottle tilting.

It equipped with bottle jam detector to stop the machine and alarm when bottle jammed.

It equipped with detector to control the bottle lifter to feed when there is not bottle in-feeding.

Two sensors on air conveyor control the start and stop of the bottle unscrambler.

Centralized lubrication system is set for lubrication at right time and right place with right doze.

Necessary maintenance hole and mold exchanging gate.

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